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There is one thing that is the absolute #1 top workout program must do that is the most important part of your workout.  It is the biggest requirement if you are going to be successful.  And don’t get mad when you read it, because you’ve probably secretly known it all along.

The #1 top workout program must do is that you have to actually spend time doing the workout!  Yes that’s right, you’ve gotta actually stop thinking about it and stop talking about it and just get to doing it.  No big surprise here right?!  Unfortunately this is where most workout goals fail.  Too much thinking, talking, and planning.  Lots of pictures about what you want and imagining the day you will look great.  Not gonna happen unless you get to work!

This #1 top workout program must do is no trick.  And it is no joke!  Get up and get out there and spend the time doing it.  No amount of thinking or planning will take the place actually working hard and sweating.  No amount of goals, dreams, or pictures posted on your bathroom mirror will change the fact that without the work there are no results.  You cannot wish it to happen, you have to work it to happen.

Start today.  Start now… literally right after reading this stand up and do 15 squats.  If you’re just starting at zero – now you’re at 15!  If you’re all ready crushing it, then you’ve just crushed 15 more.  Nothing replaces doing the work!  See how easy it can be, but you’ve gotta actually do it!

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