3 Key Parts to the Ultimate Fitness Workout Plan for Women

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The Ultimate Fitness Workout Plan for Women has a few key parts to it.  And they might surprise you to find out exactly what they are.  Without these your workout plan is worthless.

These 3 key parts are a different look at your ultimate fitness workout plan.  And although they are a little different angle than you might have been expecting, make no mistake they top the list in terms of importance for the ultimate fitness workout plan for women.

  1. You!  You matter the most.  It’s your identity and your determination that matters the most.  Scrap your goals, all the moves, all the plans out there.  Without you and your commitment to yourself there is nothing.  You’ve gotta know that it’s you that is the ultimate ingredient that matters the most.  Without your passion, your hunger, and your persistence even the best plan in the world will fail.  You are the beginning and the end.  You are the only one who can start it and the only one who can finish.  The decision always lies with you.  What’s inside you that will drive you to get out and make it happen?  Who do you want to be?
  2. Honesty.  Stop lying to yourself.  Stop just talking about it.  Stop telling all your friend what you’re going to do and just do it.  If you were put on the stand in front of a jury of your peers would they find you guilty of taking insane and over the top actions towards your workout goals, or would they hold you in contempt of court for saying what isn’t true?  All talk and no action won’t work.  Make a believer out of anyone and everyone with your actions, not your words.  Stop just talking about what you want to do.  Get up and do it.
  3. Permission.  Give yourself permission to be important to you.  Stop feeling guilty about the circumstances that surround you.  Give yourself permission to spend time on you!  You are important.  You are valuable.  Don’t explain to anyone when you decide to be selfish and work on you for 15 minutes a day.  14 minutes and 24 seconds is 1% of your day.  Don’t ever feel like you need to explain spending 1% of your day on yourself – you don’t need their approval.  You deserve to give yourself at least 1% so don’t ask for permission from anyone – give it to yourself.

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