3 Reasons Women Over 40 Need a Workout Program to Follow by Nicole Murphy

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Let’s admit it – women over 40, and women in general, are slammed.  We’re the ones keeping it all together and sometimes that means time gets short on us.

That’s why it’s so important for us to follow a workout program so we can stay fit and healthy.

Here are 3 reasons why women need to follow along with a workout program:

  1. Accountability – If you’re not on a schedule it’s real easy to miss your workout. Other important things like kids and work can get in the way and we push our own personal well being off to the side.  But committing to a workout program and being determined to keep up with it can help us take that extra time for ourselves that we need for our workout.
  2. Knowing what to do – With a follow along workout program, all the workouts are right there for you.  My personal trainer designed this workout and now you get to follow it and do what I do!
  3. Stay on track and progress – Stay with the program through the weeks and work you way up to the workouts that really make a difference where you can start to see some good results.  It’s all about progress!

If you’re a busy mom – remember 49 year old mother of 5 – you need this to get you going.  We are here to go through it with you and help you be Alive and Healthy… and Sexy!

Nicole Murphy Fitness Sexy Body Challenge is a 28 day follow along workout designed by our team to get you the sexy body you want.

Go to NicoleMurphyFitness.com to sign up today!

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