5 Steps for a successful Sexy Summer Workout

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5 Steps for a successful Sexy Summer Workout

Here are 5 steps to getting you ready for a successful Sexy Summer Workout program!

1. Pay Attention – Every day that you don’t pay attention to your workout is a day that is lost. It is one more missed opportunity that you can’t get back. Pay attention to your schedule and get the workout in. Set it in Advance! Get out a calendar and write out your workouts on the calendar. Do it right now!! Title it your Sexy Summer Workout!

2. Know what you want – go into each workout knowing what you want to accomplish. Too many people fail in their goals because they target only the end result. So they get impatient and frustrated when it doesn’t come right away. They want the result right now, but that’s not the way it works. Part of setting up your schedule is knowing what you want to accomplish each week and breaking your big goal down into little parts. Each of these little parts will eventually add up to your bigger goal! Don’t just rush into your workout or the weight room and think that you’re gonna get the body you want overnight or in one day. It ain’t gonna happen. It takes time!

3. Do the work – make a habit out of doing the work. Even on the days you don’t want to show up, show up anyways. You have to do the work for your Sexy Summer Workout. Get there, get going, and get to work!

4. Stay positive – There will be bumps in the road. There will be days when it seems like opposite day and that the scale is lying to you. Stay positive and stick to your plan. Make a list of the things that can derail your workout. Prepare for them now. That way when difficulties come up, you’ll be ready for them. Succeeding past these obstacles will help motivate you to continue to kick butt in your Sexy Summer Workout program.

5. Get your Sexy Summer Bikini ready – get that bikini ready! Get out that sexy summer bikini and get it ready. Set a date to unveil for your partner, friends, girlfriend/boyfriend, whoever! Make it a big deal if you want – a fun beach vacation is a great reward for your hard work! Take a before and after picture and keep track as you work out. Make sure and set a specific date for your big reveal!

These steps will help get you going in the right direction for your Sexy Summer Workout!

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