Commit to Being Active and Healthy

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On a daily basis you get to make choices.  Some choices are easier than others.  One important choice you must constantly make is how you treat your body.  Are you committed to being active and healthy?  Investing time, energy, effort, money, and discipline into your workout might not be one of those easy choices!

Being active and healthy is a commitment.  It is something that you must consciously put effort into.  It is highly unlikely that you will get the sexy body you want without doing the work and paying attention to it.  Here are a few tricks to help you get up, get going, and get committed to your fitness goals.

Tricks to being active and healthy:

  1. Set yourself up for success.  Get things ready in advance.  If you want to go for a jog tomorrow – set your clothes and shoes out today.  If you know you’re gonna be in the car for a while and might get hungry, prepare a healthy snack in advance.  Give yourself the best possible chance to succeed by planning in advance.
  2. Take the stairs.  Yes, yes this is not a new one – but it is a good one.  When you get a chance, take the long way.  Put your body to work when and where you can, even if just in your daily routine.
  3. Leave little reminders.  Make a note and put it on your pillow to do 25 sit-ups before bed.  Set an apple next to the front door.  These little reminders will trigger you to take action to being active and healthy.
  4. Put your goals in your pocket.  When you wake up each morning, write your goals down, put them in your pocket and read them at least 3 times each day.
  5. Plan a race.  Get involved in a race or competition.  Doesn’t have to be a full Ironman triathlon – but Heck Yeah! if it is.  Enter a 5k or some other competition that will challenge you.  Put it on your calendar and work towards that date.  
  6. Go Big.  Plan an active and healthy vacation.  Maybe its just a weekend getaway, or maybe its an all out Caribbean adventure!  Let your imagination inspire your motivation.  Work towards that departure date.
  7. Just a little everyday.  Yes the last 2 were centered around an event – but it doesn’t have to be.  Being active and healthy is as simple as doing a little each day – everyday!  So maybe just get out and go for a walk or bike ride.

Start today and make the choice to become active and healthy.  Make the commitment and invest in your health and fitness.  Becoming more active and healthy does not have to be an all or nothing pact – and you don’t have to wait for your New Years resolution to get started.  Join us and get started today.

Check out Nicole Murphy Fitness for more info and resources to help you in your workout journey.  We want you to live and love having an Active Lifestyle each and everyday.

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