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Getting your workout in is a must if you want to have your best body.  Consistency is one of the big keys to your workout success.  Being disciplined and making sure to get your workout in is necessary if you want to achieve your fitness goals.  You’re going to have to find a way to make sure you stay on track.  Don’t let the little things derail you.

Little imperfections will pop up each and everyday.  You need to be on the lookout for them and be ready to find solutions.  Here are a few tips to help you plan and keep you going strong:

1. Traveling can sometimes make your daily workout routine a challenge because you are not in your regular everyday environment. If you are traveling for business or for fun you can always squeeze in a short workout.  Most hotels have gym’s that you can utilize for your workout.  Be ready to adapt to different workout equipment.  No hotel gym, well that’s ok.  Be prepared to modify your workout.  This may mean that you break up your normal routine by planning a walk or run.  This variety in your workout will be good and keep you fresh and having fun.  Having fun in your workout is allowed!

2. Time Crunch – when the time crunch comes be prepared.  It’s not if the time crunch comes, it’s when the time crunch comes. Yes, you will have days where your routine is wrecked and you have to change times.  The best option here is to have a backup time to workout.  It might not be optimal for you, but do it anyways.  If that’s not possible, find little solutions during the day: stairs instead of elevator, park further away at work or the store so you’ve got to walk, do body weight squats while waiting in line or at your desk, etc.   Get creative and do little things when you can.

3. Laundry day!  Yes, even when you’re out of workout clothes – get that workout in anyways.  You might not want to be the stinky one at the gym but you might have to be.  Either do that and wear a dirty outfit or reward yourself with a new one for the discipline for staying with your workout.  Don’t use “No lean clothes avaliable” as an excuse to miss your workout.

4. Broke toe… Injury will creep up on you and make you think you get a pass – you don’t!  Broken toe, workout your arms. Broken arm, workout your legs.  Poison ivy – stay home and so some push-ups and then get in that baking soda bath.  No excuses!

5. Fell off before…  This is perhaps the biggest excuse and everybody has felt this pulling on them at one time or another.  You fell off track yesterday and the perfect vision of your perfect workout plan is lost and you just want to quit.  You fell off eating right yesterday and the perfect vision of your perfect diet is lost and you just want to quit.  So what,  Who cares that you weren’t perfect!  Don’t give up just because it isn’t perfect.  Keep going!  You messed up yesterday.  Well that was yesterday.  That is not today.  Don’t mess up on purpose today just because you messed up yesterday – that doesn’t make any sense.  Get your workout in today!  I’m gonna say it again.  Get your workout in today!  That’s what matters.  Your plan isn’t going to be perfect so don’t treat it like it is going to be perfect.  Go out and get your workout in today anyways!



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