How to Control Your Workout

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How to control your workout will be a big part of your success in getting to having the body you want.  So how do you control your workout?  How do you keep going when there are obstacles that jump up and you just never see to find success in your workouts.  Here are a few tips:

  1. Control the controllables!  There will be things you can control and things you can’t.  Flat tire on the way to your workout – probably out of your control.  Getting in the car in the first place – yep, you control that decision.  Focus on the things you can control.  Find a good process that sets you up for success with them.  For the things you can’t control, find the best solution – but don’t sweat them.  Save all that sweat for your workout!
  2. Control your attitude!  Your attitude will dictate a lot of your actions.  If you have a bad attitude about working out, you will find the whole process a big gigantic struggle.  Don’t make it harder than it already is with a bad attitude.  Learn to say, “I’m excited to go workout and get healthy!”  Control your attitude to help control your workout.
  3. Own your Value!   This is a BIG one people.  Who sets your value?  Who has control over how you feel about yourself?  Let me say this – sit down right now before you read this and take a deep breath – YOU set your own value!  I’m gonna say it again – YOU set your value!!!  Take control of how you feel about yourself.  Don’t let other people’s opinions of you become your reality.  Live your dream!  Chase your goals!  Afterall, it is YOUR life!

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