Sexy Body Challenge for women

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The Sexy Body Challenge for women by Nicole Murphy is designed to help you get your best body.  The Challenge is a 28 day workout routine for you to follow along and help keep you on track.

How it works:

Start on Week 1 Day 1 with the workout.  Each day that follows – just move to the next day. The program has built in light days and rest days and progressively gets harder as you build into Week 4.  Pull up the video for each day of the workout and just follow along.  Make sure and follow the specific number of reps and sets for each exercise to get the most out of the program.


Here’s what Felicia from Texas says about the Sexy Body Challenge:

I loved the Sexy Body Challenge.  I did the whole challenge, lost weight, and was looking and feeling great.  I’ve maintained but need that push again to get back to where I was…I need to get back on the challenge and lose the weight again…

When to Start:

Anytime!  The workout is numbered in days – starting with Day 1.  Your Day 1 can be any day of the week.  Don’t procrastinate working on you!  Dreams deferred are dreams destroyed.  Take action now and go after that sexy body you want to have.


The Sexy Body Challenge for women can be done anywhere.  You can do it in a room at your home, at the gym, hotel room, park – literally anywhere!  Just go where you feel comfortable and can focus on you.


Only you know your why!  But my guess is that if you’re reading this, then you’re searching for a reason, and have found this for a reason, and that reason is driven by your why!  Close your eyes and see your best body… starting to feel your why again?!  You can shape your future by taking action today – get started on the Sexy Body Challenge today!

Week 1 is FREE:

Yep, that’s right!   Week 1 of the Sexy Body Challenge for women is free at

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