Straight Talk: Workout Expectations by Nicole Murphy Fitness

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Nicole Murphy

Everybody knows what they want.  It’s easy to look in the mirror and point out the flaws and then think how great it would be if “this” was different, “that” was more tone, or if I could just lose “this” much weight.  Wanting and wishing is one thing and might make you feel better for that couple minutes while you think about the could be’s, but let’s have some straight talk – what are your workout expectations.

See unlike wanting and wishing – workout expectations make this whole thing real.   Let’s get serious for a minute and think about what your workout expectations are and what that means.  Here’s what your workout expectations are: Expectations are real life cause and effect.  It’s simple – do something and expect something in return.  Here’s an example – you don’t study for a test at school or don’t prepare for that big presentation at work – and yep you’re gonna blow it.  It’s simple, it’s not brain surgery.  If you sit around all day eating nasty food and watching TV and not doing anything – then what should you expect?  No matter how bad you want it or wish for it – what do you expect after all that nasty stuff?

On the other hand, do something great and you can expect to be great.  Prepare for that big presentation the best you can and then go in there and show them who you are.  Study for that test and prove that you can excel.  Do the workouts and know that your exceptions are real because they were earned with sweat and hard work. 

So for your Workout Expectations keep them simple and grounded in reality.  If you only do a little, then you only get a little.  It’s very simple cause and effect.  Don’t lie to yourself or fool yourself and think that something is going to happen if you are not causing it to happen.  If you want to make progress, then do the work.  

This is straight talk here.  No fooling around.  Stop kidding yourself and thinking that you can wish for it to just happen and that it will.  Get REAL and look at what you are doing.  If you aren’t doing it, then don’t expect the results.  And know this – frustration comes from unmet expectations.  

Look your age doesn’t matter.  Your yesterday doesn’t matter.  Today matters.  Right now matters.   Get up now and start now.  Jump on and do one of the HIIT videos right now!  Cause and effect!  

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