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Nicole Murphy | NicoleMurphyFitness.com

It’s Friday!

How was your week?  Pause for a minute and close your eyes.   Take a deep breath and think back on your week.

Did you own it?  Did you take control and accomplish your goals and dreams?  Did you spend time on your body and your fitness?

Or were you stuck in the routine just doing the busy work of what other people wanted you to do?

This is a common fail that we all go through.  But it’s time to fight back!

Think for a minute of some of the things you want for yourself.

Now make that a priority today!  Even if it’s for just 15 minutes.

Start a new day tomorrow refreshed and re-energized to get on track with what you want to do – with who you want to be.

Spend time on you and enjoy every minute of it!

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On 23 Aug, 2017
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