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Look if you didn’t get to your workout today – that’s ok.  Tomorrow’s workout will work just fine.  All this feeling bad about getting started and getting your workout in isn’t going to help anything.  If you wake up tomorrow and have air in your lungs, here’s what you’re gonna do…

Start your day out and make a plan to get a workout in.  Make yourself a priority and spend just a little time on you.  Make your health and your body a priority.  Make a commitment to you that you will take full advantage of tomorrow and get that workout in!

Even if that means just a quick walk down the hall at work – that’s ok!  Do it twice!  Maybe it’s some squats squeezed in right before lunch.  Look, there’s plenty you can do even when you’re short on time.  And if you’re feeling guilty about not getting to it today – don’t!  Don’t stress and beat yourself up about your workouts.  Be good to you!  Take care of yourself on both the inside and the outside – stay positive.  We’ve got enough struggles during the day to have to beat ourselves up any more than we have to.

You’re gonna do it and you’re gonna be great.  This is a lifestyle!  Take a good look in the mirror and decide that you’re worth it and forget all the mess.  Just make a promise to yourself to spend a little time each day – you’re worth it!  We are strong and we deserve it.  But it isn’t gonna happen on accident.  You’ve gotta do some work.  Make a habit out of getting in a good healthy workout everyday.

Even if today was a struggle, tomorrow is going to be ok.  No more worrying.  Just workout!  Spend time on you.  If you need pointers checkout our workouts.  We’ve got something for everyone – from beginner to difficult.  

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