Workout Caution: Too many tomorrows

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Here is a big workout caution: too many tomorrows!  As we discussed earlier, if you’re having a hard day or a hard time starting that workout and need to put it off until tomorrow, well that’s ok.  But too many tomorrows is a problem and can keep you from achieving your workout goals.

Hopefully this is pretty easy to understand.  It is ok if you have to miss every once in a while and put your workout off till tomorrow.  But if you do that every day of the week – yikes – you’re in trouble!   Don’t make tomorrow the habit.  Make sure that your “tomorrow pass” is only a 1 day pass.   Then get right back to it.  

It is too easy to get in that tomorrow habit.  Too many tomorrows does more than just miss the workout physically.  Too many tomorrows attacks your mentality as well.  Big caution here – too many tomorrows is easy on the brain.  The lazy takes over and you begin to relax.  This is a big problem especially if you’re not all the way in that good workout habit yet.  One miss is ok, but hold yourself accountable and get back to it right away.

Make sure of one thing – we are not here to make excuses for you.  Don’t go saying that “Nicole Murphy Fitness said tomorrow is ok,” cause that isn’t it.  What you can say is that Nicole Murphy Fitness said we understand life.  And make no mistake about dedication.  This is a lifestyle.  This is how we want to live everyday.  We get the workouts in – the whole team… and you can too!  This is all about being Alive and Healthy, and looking and feeling your best!

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