Workout Day 2 for Women over 40: Don’t be surprised.

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Workout Day 2 for Women over 40 is a hard one.  You’ve gotta know this going in.  There are a lot of things you will have to contend with, so be ready for them.  In this article we identify a few road blocks that you will run into so that you can plan to beat them when they come up.  And they will come up – typically right away on Day 2 of your new workout program.

  1. You’re gonna be sore!  If you are starting from zero and jump right into a workout, there is a good chance you’re gonna be sore – or stiff at very least.  Your muscles aren’t used to being used like that and they’re gonna fight you a little on Day 2.  They might be tight or down right sore.  Sore is ok… keep going.
  2. You’re gonna question your commitment to your workout!  Shockingly, by workout day 2 there is a good chance you will already be questioning whether or not you’re gonna stick with your workout.  When this happens remember why you decided to start the workout in the first place.  Think of the reasons why getting in a good workout habit will benefit you – being healthier, more energy, getting the body you want, etc.  This should help you push through and keep going with the workout program.
  3. Fatigue.  Your body isn’t used to the workout.  Even on day 2 you might start to feel tired.  Combat this with good healthy clean eating, lots of water, and proper rest.  Before you start to see that good energy increase as a result of getting healthier and more exercise, you will go through times of fatigue.  Don’t let this become an excuse to skip the workout.  Keep going.
  4. Time.  Your workouts take time.  Even on Day 2 you might find yourself thinking about other things you are missing.  Just remember that your health is important and spending time on you is ok.

By identifying these things, and knowing they will come, you can game plan a solution from the start.  Problem solving will be a huge part of helping you follow through on your goals.  Even on workout day 2, you’re gonna need to find solutions to drive you to sticking with your workout and getting that body you want.

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