Workout Like a Hollywood Star

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Famous Hollywood… everyone wants to be a star!  The glitz and the glamour is impressive.  It’s a lifestyle that is envious and lavish.  Just imagine the red carpet movie premieres and the tight dresses – ahhh!  Tight Dresses!  Yep!  Are you ready to get up in front of the whole world and be in the spotlight in a skin tight dress?  It takes work, poise, confidence and a whole lot of work to be ready for that.  Here are some tips for working out like a Hollywood Star.

  1. Fitness as a lifestyle.  Fitness cannot be a part time thing.  Although you might increase your workout just before a red carpet gala, you can’t cram for the test.  You must be consistent and discipline in your workouts.  Make exercise and working out a daily habit that you can’t go without.
  2. Coach or Program.  Following a coach or a workout program will make things a lot easier and will keep you accountable.  Find a workout that works for you.  This might mean trying different ones and then once you find that good one – use it a lot.  Just like a good book, go back to it often.  The second time around you might see results you didn’t notice the first time or learn something that worked just a little better for you.  And throw in little add-on exercises like HIIT moves to help increase intensity.
  3. Own it.  There will be a lot of failure as you work your way towards your perfect body.  The process will be frustrating and difficult.  You will find out quickly that you need to be ready for your perfect goal to be not so perfect.  Be mentally tough to work through the struggles.  Although the red carpet looks easy, getting there is an uphill battle.  Take responsibility and take ownership of your actions.  If you want to be great and have a great body you’ve got to do great things.

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