Your Credit Card Bill Speaks Truth About Your Workout Habit

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What is the truth about your workout habit – is it a priority?  Do you invest time, energy, effort, and money – yes that’s right Money! – into it?  Are you investing in being your best you?  There is one way you can do a reality check on your actions to see what your true priorities are – check your credit card bill!

I know it might be scary to check that credit card bill and see where your money is actually being spent.  But it is a great exercise in revealing what your priorities are.  Come on now, get that bill out and take a look and see what you are investing in.  Look for items related to the truth about your workout habit.  Are they there?  Are you investing in your health?  Are you investing in you, and investing in getting that sexy body?  If you look over your credit card bill for the last month, or the last 3 months, and all you see is Starbucks and McDonalds – you might be in trouble.

Your health, your body, and your workouts are an investment.  And just like other good investments – the return on investment can be huge and is well worth it!  It can be life changing!  It’s a really simple thing – How important to you is your body?  Think about what you want your quality of life to be and what being fit and in shape means.  Invest in that!  Find a way to make it possible that your credit card bill tells a story of someone invested in being fit and sexy.  Set a goal to create an Active Lifestyle – with your dollars $$$ – that tells people that you are committed to your workout habit AND to living life at to the fullest.  

So here’s the challenge – sit down and write your truth statement.  What are the facts about your actions.  Write down what your priorities are.  Now compare that to your credit card statement.  And remember that although it might be painful to realize – your credit card will tell the truth about what you are doing right now.  


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