Your workout doesn’t have to be a fight against time

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Time is constantly working against you.  But your workout doesn’t have to be a fight against time.  There are some “time” solutions that will make your workout easier and more productive.

One of the biggest obstacles to your workout is Time.  Here are a few tips to understanding how time can work in your favor, or at very least, how to keep time from working against you.

  1. Set a specific time for your workout each day.  Setting a specific time to workout each day allows you to blockout that time and get the workout in each and every day free from distractions.  Once you get in the habit of that time, it will just be understood that that’s when you workout.  If you’re just starting out, don’t be afraid to try different times.  You might find out that you workout better in the afternoon than in the mornings or vice versa.  Once you find the best time, write it down on your schedule and set a reminder or alarm to help get you out the door.  This is a big one – set a consistent time!
  2. Quality over quantity.  If you’re pressed for time and you can’t put in a 1 hour workout – that’s ok.  Go for quality over quantity.  Learn some new workouts or include HIIT exercises to maximize your time.
  3. Avoid the missed workout!  Missed workouts will hurt.  It will disrupt your effort and your workout goal. For every missed workout, whether you mean it or not, you are slowly forming a new habit – a bad habit of NOT exercising.  And a bad habit of it being ok to miss.
  4. You can’t get it back.  Every day you miss – you can’t get it back.  To keep from looking back on the passing time and feeling like you let an opportunity slip away – understand that all you have to do is just start.  Get started now with your workout!  And then keep it going!
  5. Take the time to prepare.  This goes for all aspects of your workout.  Prepare in advance so that you’re ready and don’t waste a lot of time each day.  Spending a few minutes preparing your workout plan, workout clothes, after workout meal, etc.  It will make a huge difference.  Beware – the “wandering around” time will add up!
  6. Get off your phone – Technique and tempo.  Pay attention to your technique and tempo of your workout.  Checking your phone in-between sets can kill your workout.  All the sudden you get distracted cause you’re messing with your phone and 15 minutes went by… ughhh!  Put on your workout video to follow or favorite playlist and put your phone away!  No checking emails or sending texts while working out.
  7. Workout local.  If the best gym in town is 30 minutes from your house, that’s 1 hour of commuting for your workout!  Don’t do it!  Save the time by adding your workout to your daily route with a gym close to work or close to home.  Or just workout from home!  In the end, it’s not the location that really matters.  Make sure it’s safe and then get to work!

Working out takes time.  But exercise and your health is important.  Spending the time on yourself is a must.  Give yourself permission to get healthy and look great.  But be smart.  It takes more than just blind effort to get the sexy body you want.  

Add the knowledge so that your workout doesn’t have to be a fight against time.

Leave a comment below about your favorite time saving tip.

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