5 Tips to Working Out Like a Model

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If you’re wondering what it’s like to workout like a model, let’s just say this – it’s hard work.  But it’s also big reward!  Working out like a model is all about discipline and being consistent in your exercise routine.  It’s about being alive and healthy, and feeling sexy.  Yes weight loss is a part of it but more than that, it’s about being happy with you.  But you’d better know now there are no shortcuts and it’s not an overnight fix.  So just to completely destroy any confusion, the workout regimen of a model has often been compared to that of a olympic athlete or running a marathon.  Ready to step up your game?

If you’re gonna workout like a model, here are 5 tips to get your started:

  1. Leg Sculpting and Ab Blast.  To get started, know that there are targeted workouts that will help you exercise certain areas of the body.  Jump on board with a focused workout program to work specific target areas.  Add this focused program to your normal routine.  This is a good intro to taking your workouts to the next level so you can get that sexy body you want.
  2. Weights and Cardio.  For your workouts you will want to incorporate weights and cardio.  Adding weights and cardio to your workout will help burn fat and give you a lean and tone body.  Just remember that you will need to ease your way into increased workouts to avoid injury and burnout.  Also make sure you are using proper technique when using weights, even if that just means watching clips to see how it’s done.  Check out Nicole Murphy Fitness youtube channel for some sneak peaks at workouts that include weights.   Link: https://youtu.be/PRTDbBmFlSQ
  3. Balanced Diet.  Like any fitness goals, you have to watch what you eat.  It is important to have a well balanced diet.  Try to eat clean and include lots of protein, veggies, and fruit.  Eating is huge when it comes to your sexy body.  Don’t ruin your workouts with a  cheeseburger or a bag of chips.  Pay attention to what you eat.  This includes preparing for the day if you will be out and about.  Make a healthy snack to take with you in the car or when traveling.  The little extra time spent will be well worth it.
  4. Personal Trainer or Program to push you.  Personal trainers are great to be there to push you.  But they can also be very expensive.  A good way to get started is to do a couple personal sessions with a trainer and then slowly transition over to an online program to follow.  This will help you save some of your hard earned money but will also give you a good routine to keep you accountable.
  5. Sleep and lots of water.  Your rest and recovery is extremely important.  Wearing yourself out is a real hazard and you need to be careful.  As you up your workouts – and make no mistake if you’re going to workout like a model it’s not just 3 days a week – you’re gonna have to take care of your body.  After every hard workout make sure and drink plenty of water and sleep!  Your body needs the recovery to be at it’s best.  Throw in a professional massage every once in a while to reward those sore muscles.

Working out like a model is hard work.  We’re talking workout 5 to 6 days per week!  But for most of us there’s no runway show to lead up to so the extreme workout regimen for you is possibly not necessary.  However the little things that work do make a difference and there is a lot to be learned from the dedication of how a model must workout to stay fit.  Use these tips in your workout to make it better and keep your workouts fresh.  With each improved workout you will begin to see great rewards.   Do what it takes to begin to have confidence in your body and feel great in your skin.  Get to a point where you feel that you look great in that dress and love going to dinner and impressing the one you love.  It’s about being healthy so you can be active for your family and your kids.  No matter what, in your workouts make progress everyday towards your workout goals and watch as your find yourself with more energy, excitement, and enjoyment in living your life.



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