5 Workout Tips for Women over 40 by Nicole Murphy Fitness

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Weight lifting suggestions for women
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Hattie Mack
On 29 Jun, 2018
I am 69 Year and I am in good shape. I want exercise to loss bell fat. I need a plan to exercise and meal. Thank you look good and in good shape
On 24 May, 2018
Hello Nicole , First of you look absolutely amazing in your 50’s I hope to look like you when I hit 50. I wanted to know about your abs, gluteus exercise it been struggle trying eat healthy and lose wait I need to cause I have high blood pressure and cholesterol problems. Please help guide me. Thank you, Rose
Lillie Pinho
On 24 May, 2018
Hello Nicole you look amazing . Still have good shape well maintained . I seen you on WendyWilliams Show. I have a Grand Daughter Hope her and me can learn new healthy ways. GOD BLESS. Thank you for sharing I lost my Mother 2012 miss her .
On 12 Aug, 2017
Hi Toni! We want to be here for you and get you feeling good. We'd like to feature you for a testimonial and get you going with us, send pic please. Send us a direct email at [email protected] We want to get you going and get you right - we aren't lost and miserable - we are strong. Here to help
Toni Beckham
On 11 Aug, 2017
Hello Nicole!!! Let me first start off saying you are amazing. Letting women's that being over 40ish or 50 we are the new 30's. I am the ex- wife of Odell Beckham, step mother if OJ Beckham, I am my worst enemy, every women wonts a banging body, and sometimes we forget about us, when we are taking care of the family, being a grandmother and forgetting about me. I lost myself years ago, feeling depressed, hating my look, as transforming into a women of the 50's my hair, my face structure and everything about me start changing, I start feeling so unattractive and not loved start settling for anything ,Then! One day you came along with your workout fitness challenge, and it bought life back to me I felt like hope again, when I lost my mother and my brother in 2013 that's when lot was taking from me, it added to my problems, one never got over my divorce from a men who I so loved, didn't think life matter anymore I'm still picking those pieces up and trying to move forward because he has. I know my story is like so many others , that's why I never talk about me because who's going to listen to my story, but Nicole when I look at a women like you, and the love you have and the care, says a million words and I so love you for that, please keep giving a women like me hope. Sign a lost and miserable women. To God Be The Glory!
On 7 Jul, 2017
I have included a sample meal play with the Sexy Body Challenge at NicoleMurphyFitness.com. I also have a Recipes section that includes some of my favorite meals and snacks for you to use.
Douglas Jackson
On 6 Jul, 2017
Hi Nichole. I'm new to your site. I agree, being fit is a life style. I work out don't think I eat well enough. I'd like to loose about 50lbs. I'm a black male, 54 last weighed 306, I'm six feet tall. Any good meal plans? Thank you and God bless. Oh yeah, you do look great!
Nicole Alexander
On 13 Apr, 2017
Hi Nicole Just want to give you praise- you look Fab!!!I been following you since you had Bria. You are always tight and fashionable. I got the name and light eyes... now I need your body!! Thank you for put together something for us mature women who still want to look and feel GREAT!! I appreciate you Ima make you proud..lol Nik Alexander
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