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There are some things in life that require no apologies.  Here are a few things that you should never apologize for:

  1. Self Improvement.  You should never apologize for wanting to be your best you.  But make no mistake – some people will want you to anyways.  Some people don’t want to see you succeed – because it exposes them for their failures and shortcomings.   Don’t apologize for trying to make yourself great, and don’t slow down so others can keep up.  Make no apologies and no excuses on self improvement.
  2. Time with loved ones. Time is a tricky thing.  There’s a saying, “not enough hours in the day.”  One thing is certain – everyone gets the same amount of time in the day, no more and no less.  Prioritizing your time can be difficult sometimes.  Spending time with family or your loved ones is not something to apologize for or feel guilty about.  Prioritize making time for loved ones, it will bring happiness to your life and help you discover your true self.
  3. Health.  Your health is of extreme importance.  Getting in shape and looking great can change your life.  It can empower you and give you confidence to take on challenges that might otherwise cripple you.  No apologies for caring about your health and fitness.
  4. Providing for yourself and others.  If you are the provider – get out there and provide, no guilt, no embarrassment, no apologies.  Your challenges may be great – multiple jobs, late nights, early morning, being unappreciated, or missing important events.  Do what it takes.  As long as your heart is in the right place and your “why” is true – providing for those who rely on you is admirable.
  5. Giving back.  Charity and helping others requires no apologies.  If you’re in it to help – and you can do it without any expectations of getting something in return – then go help others to the best of your abilities.  No apologies required. 

Yes there are a lot more that could be on your No Apologies List – but these are a good start.  Feel free to add yours in the comments below.  You might find that others have some of the same ones you do – and that can be a great confidence builder.  Remember that you’re not alone on this journey – and we are here to help!


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