No more looking back

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No more looking back…

2019 is right in front of us, right now. It’s a time to start new, set new goals, achieve new heights. It’s time to get running at our biggest dreams and chase down what’s in front of us. Decide there’s no more looking back.

The more you run forward into the dreams in front of you, the faster you leave behind past mistakes. All the missed opportunities, should of’s, and could of’s from yesterday cannot be changed. They cannot be redone, but they can be replaced with new successes and new victories. Stop looking back at what was and take control of what is now and the opportunity that’s right in front of you. If you wake up with air in your lungs tomorrow, decide it will be your best day ever.

2019 is here and now. No more looking back! Jump into this year with reinvigorated dreams and goals and make this the best year of your life. Take the first steps into your new year and run at full speed towards your best you. Work towards being fit so that you have the energy and mobility to attack each and every day. It’s a process to get there, to be full of energy, and to cherish living life. Start that process now!

Life will not wait for you. Go out and take charge and live your biggest, best, active life you can. Everything is possible this year!

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On 1 Feb, 2019
Hello there Nicole, very impressed with who I lay eyes on, you are absolutely thee most awesome goddess on the planet, VERY pretty awesomely stunningly gorgeous lady Nicole, you've the prettiest hair and eyes, a dazzling smile, a jaw dropping eye popping figure, absolutely thee total package Nicole
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