Weight Loss for Women over 40

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As you age, weight loss gets harder and harder.  Weight loss for women over 40 becomes a very tough task.  As you get older, your body begins to change and adapting to those changes is a must.

As you get older your metabolism slows down and it’s important to recognize that.  We can’t eat what we ate when we were 20 and expect to look and feel the same.  Your DIET is extremely important to pay attention to.  Being a little more disciplined at what you eat is a must.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t have your favorite desserts.  In fact denying yourself completely from your favorite foods is not necessary and will probably make you want to quit all together.  Don’t punish yourself through the complete absence of your favorite foods but instead let them be a reward.

You also need to make a habit of exercising.  If you want to stay healthy and look good it is so important to add consistent EXERCISE to your daily routine.  You don’t have to go to a gym for 2 hours. You can turn on a video tutorial and do a 10 minute workout in your own house.  The “I don’t have time” excuse just won’t work.  You can find 10 minutes!

Getting older sometimes also means that you are more susceptible to injuries.  Our bodies are not capable of doing some of the things we could do in our 20’s and 30’s.  If you have a hurt back, hip pain, or bad knees, then modifying your workout to do exercises that are less strenuous is important. Riding the bike, swimming or doing an elliptical machine might be better for some people than running or doing certain HIIT workouts that involve a lot of jumping.

Lifting weights is a great way to get that curvy look again.  Women, you will not get bulky by lifting weights. It will help tone and shape your body, and when combined with some cardio and healthy eating that will help reduce the fat on top of the muscles.  That is when you will start to see the lean body you want.

As people get older, men and women, we tend to lose our muscle tone. Things begin to sag, especially if you are a woman that has had children. That is just nature but there are so many things we can do to get our bodies back to where we want them to be.  But it takes effort and giving yourself permission to spend TIME on you.

Weight Loss for Women over 40 is hard but not impossible.  Don’t let the “I’m just getting older” excuse keep you from looking the way you want.  You can look however you want as long as you put the effort into it!

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